County Biographies & Engraved Portraits

WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST DATABASE OF “COUNTY BIOGRAPHIES and ENGRAVED PORTRAITS”. These Ancestral Records under the following last names (see LIST below) are taken from many different Sources (documented) which often were books written in the 1800s by many various (U.S.) State counties about their first Founders, Settlers and Prominent business persons. The books gave short biographical sketches of that individual’s life and times, sometimes with a printing of an engraved portrait that was done during their lifetime.

The LIST below is what is Current in our NEW (and continually growing) Database of County Biographies and Engraved Portraits. Simply check below for your Ancestor’s last name (the list is Alphabetical) then click on the A-Z Search link at bottom of this page, to pull-up that person’s Ancestral Record, to view that biography (NOTE- ones with ** after name, have Engraved portrait with the bio). PLEASE CHECK THIS LIST OFTEN—as I am Continually ADDING to the List of SURNAMES to be Found IN this particular database!


Bios & Portraits (with ** after name, indicates has Engraved Portrait)

ARNOLD/ John Baldwin–of OH to Van Buren Co, IA

BARNARD/Henry–of DE to St.Louis, MO**

BROWN/ Harrington –of Wash,D.C. to L.A.,Calif.**

CASWELL/ Lucien Beal –of VT to Wisc.**

CUPP/ Miss Louisa –of OH to Van Buren Co, IA**

EDDY/Arthur William–of Addison, VT

FREEMAN/ Daniel– of OH to Gage Co.,Neb**

GALUSHA/ Elon–son of VT Gov.Jonas GALUSHA)**

GALUSHA/ Gov.Jonas–of VT **

GALUSHA/ Truman–of VT

HARRIS/ Judge D. H.–of Iowa **

JENKINS/ Charles T.–of Vanderburgh Co.,Ind.**

MATTISON/ Hamilton Allen–of NY to Ind.**

ROUSSEAU/ Hon. James P.

RISK/ Charles C.–of Van Buren Co., IA**

SAUNDERS/ Alfred–of Lewis Co., WA

SCOTT/ James–of Greene Co., PA **

SLOAN/ Joshua Judge–of OH to Van Buren Co., IA**

SPENCER/ Richard– of E.Greenwich, Kent Co., RI

WHITACRE/Jonathan R.–of Wayne Co., Indiana


BERG / IRVING INGOLF (of Chicago & Elmhurst, IL)


LINCOLN / ANNETTE (aka: Mrs. TUNKS, of Belmont, Wisc.)

McELHANEY / Dorothy (nee STEWART, of Richmond, VA)

MEDEARIS / JAMES T. (of Carthage, Missouri)