LUPTON, Margaret married Joseph SPENCER

Looking for (literally) ANY info on Margaret LUPTON (date born, parents’names, when married, any kids, etc.)as her data seems non-existent! She supposedly married a Joseph Spencer, no dates on him, either, though apparently he was son of Augustus Spencer and Hannah Parker, of Guilford, CT. Since Joseph was b.c. 1800- 1810, maybe Miss Lupton b.c. 1804-1814.The most Important thing I’m searching for is IF they had kids, & those childrens’ names, dates of birth, & anything else known of them, such as where born/lived/died, those dates for those places, as well as, if They had kids, themselves (& again, names/dates for them, too). Attempting to complete my charts on this branch of this particular Spencer/Lupton Tree. Thankyou for whatever help can be given. I can do lookups in return. Bryce

KENNETH GORMAN RYAN –d.1987, Gardena, CA–any kids/grandkids?

Seek descendants of Kenneth Gorman RYAN, as they would be 2nd cousins of my friend, whose genealogy I am doing. Kenneth descended from Kenneth B Ryan & his wife Miss Gorman. Ken B was brother to Miss Sarah Caroline Ryan, aka Mrs Edwin Henry KING. They (Ken B & Sarah) originated from Lancashire, England, via Canada c.early 1900s, & on into the U.S., by 1920s. Contact wished by Kenneth G Ryans children or grandchildren, today. Please POST Reply here & I will respond! Thank you, Marta.


Does anybody know WHO Emile Brain married? He lived c.1747 – c.1779, in Virginia. He and his wife had these children:
1. Sara Ann Brain, b. 1768
2. John Brain, b. 1766
3. Linda Brain, b. 1763
4. Mary Brain, b. 1760
5. Benjamin Brain, b. 1774
No one knows Emile’s wife’s name. Also, it is rumored she was a native American Indian lady. Any information on her is greatly appreciated. Kettie

DO You Know a FULBRIGHT from the Past? SEARCHING For Brayden Fulbright of Ireland.

I am searching for a Brayden Fulbright whose roots may have started in Germany or England, then gone to Ireland, then the US. He may have been born about 1811, but not sure where, He lived in Ireland, around County Cork, in 1830 to 1840, family lore tells us. Arrived in America sometime between 1850 and 1860. Settled in at Detroit, Michigan, then moved on to Iowa. Married a Delphine Sanderston in 1842 in either Michigan or elsewhere. Had a g g grandfather of mine, Maynard Fulbright, and that’s all we know. I have the line down from Maynard, just would like to know more about Brayden and his relations and ancestors. Thanks if anyone knows anything or has a helpful idea for me to pursue. Jason Fulbright

MARGARET ROCHE Ancestry sought

Seek further info on a Miss Margaret ROCHE, born in IL circa 1903. Ashe married a Mr. Bernard CONBOY. I know all the line of descendants, from there, on down, but seek info on her ancestors before her. I do have some info on her parents. Her father was James ROCHE, born in Ireland, c. 1873, and immigrated to the U.S. about 1893. Her mother was Bridget, but do not know her Maiden nane, so seeking that. Bridget was born, also, in Ireland, about 1870. I would love to know if anyone knows any further back on either of these folk? Any help very much grateful for! Thank you, Rose Durphy

Delmont FRANK and FRANKs of New Zealand circa 1930s

Delmont FRANK descended from Germans who emigrated from Germany to New Zealand in the late 1800s. He was born in outer area of Christchurch, about 1913 and was living in another rural farm area on South Island from 1930s, on. Married a Mildred Miller in 1936. I know the line from Delmont, on down, but seek his parents, and further back in his line. Gratitude for anyone’s help. Sincerely, Lyndon Frank Delmont

Seek COLLAR and COLLIER Info for LAURA who m. Stephen COVEY

Any persons who have info on a Laura COLLAR or COLLIER who married a Mr. Stephen COVEY, in early 1800s back in upstate NY, I would love to trade info with. They married and had one son named Harrison who went to Calif. in the mid 1850s. I am trying to find out more about his mother, Laura Collar or Collier (her name appears both ways on various documents). Please contact me here. Many thanks, Mimi Ann Sentis

BURDEN Kin of James BURDEN (who m. Mary BRAIN) sought!!

James Burden was born Abt. 1740 in NJ, and died 1806 in Nicholas Co., KY. He married as his 2nd wife, Mary Brain, Abt. 1782 in VA, daughter of Unknown Brain and Spouse Unknown. She was born Abt. 1764 in VA, and died 1808 in Nicholas Co., KY.
Seek info on their daughter Rachel BURDEN who m. Alexander McDaniel / McDonald, c.1806 in KY. Trying to find out where they went after KY, and especially WHO were their children? Any help appreciated! Thanks, Derrick Morgan

CLARKE Ancestors, of New Jersey?

Searching for my Clarke ancestors from Egg Harbor, New Jersey circa 1700. Bentley Clarke married Susan Miner Sampson, in 1704. They had many children, I am seeking the line down from their son Israel Miner Clarke born 1708. Any information is welcomed and will share what I know, as well. Kindest thanks, Kayla Dade