(AmRev; 1812; Civil; WWI&II)

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“This category applies to anything of a Military nature–such as photographs (from all war eras), military documents (such as service or discharge and/or, military pension papers, written military memoirs, scanned images of medals awarded that ancestor, etc., etc). Open to all heritages and countries.”MILITARY RECORDS—LISTED Alphabetically, by SURNAME. When you see the person you are seeking on this list–then scroll to the bottom of this page and Click on the Sentence saying “Click Here for an A-Z Search” which brings-up the Alphabetic Surname Search Engine. Follow the Instructions there, and it will allow you to bring-up your Military persons’ record and images.

SURNAME/first        of WHERE        Served in/Veteran of:

ABBOTT / Adrian Orin–of Madison Co., NY (CIVIL WAR)

ASHWORTH / Jim –of Indiana or Missouri (WWI)

BALDWIN / Briscoe Gerard–of VA (CIVIL WAR)

BASFORD/ John Wesley– IL to OH (CIVIL WAR)

BERG / Irving Ingolf –Chicago to Elmhurst, IL ( WWII)

BYNUM / George Washington–of Chatam, NC to Corinth,MS (CIVIL WAR)

BYNUM/ Kenneth G.–buried in Redondo Beach, CA (KOREAN WAR)

CALLAHAN/ Isaiah Wells–of Denmark OH to Richmond, OH (CIVIL WAR)

CARTER / ROY –of OK to Denver,CO (WWII)

CASWELL / Lucien Beal –VT to Wisc. (CIVIL WAR)

CORNELIUS / Ephraim–of Indiana, USA (CIVIL WAR)

CROCKER / Marlon Henry–of Hickory, NC (WWI)

CROCKER / Matin M. –of Hickory, NC (WWII)

CURRY/ HUGH (Private in Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers)–of County Tyrone, N.IRELAND (WWI) 

DOOLITTLE / George Singleton–of Jackson,WV (CIVIL WAR)

ELLIS / Joseph –of Dalton, GA (CIVIL WAR)

GEORGE / James W. –of Iowa Volunteers, IA (CIVIL WAR)

GILL/ Francis Richard–of TN to KY (CIVIL WAR)

GRANT/ Charles Loring (the 1st)–of Bengal Twnshp, MI (War of 1812)

GRANT/ Charles Loring, SR.–of Mass. to Santa Fe, NM (CIVIL WAR)

GRANT/ Elihu (Cousin to Ulysses S. Grant)–of NY to MA (CIVIL WAR)

HAWKINS/ John Goodnight –of IL to OK (CIVIL WAR)

HERMAN/ James “RUSSELL”–of Chicago, IL (WWII)

KOSTER/ Charles Louis–of Indiana (WWII & Korean War)

LAZARUS/ Joseph Barnett–of London, ENGLAND (WWI)

McCALL/ Ira –of Wisconsin (CIVIL WAR)

NEWTON/ West – of Iowa (CIVIL WAR)

OLIVER/ Starke Hunter–of AL (CIVIL WAR)

RIMEL / Donald H.–of MO (WWII)


WEBB/ John M. –of NY to CA (CIVIL WAR)