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"This category applies to anything of a Military nature--such as photographs (from all war eras), military documents (such as service or discharge and/or, military pension papers, written military memoirs, scanned images of medals awarded that ancestor, etc., etc). Open to all heritages and countries."

MILITARY RECORDS---LISTED Alphabetically, by SURNAME. When you see the person you are seeking on this list--then scroll to the bottom of this page and Click on the Sentence saying "Click Here for an A-Z Search" which brings-up the Alphabetic Surname Search Engine. Follow the Instructions there, and it will allow you to bring-up your Military persons' record and images.

SURNAME/first        of WHERE        Served in/Veteran of:

ABBOTT / Adrian Orin--of Madison Co., NY (CIVIL WAR)

ASHWORTH / Jim --of Indiana or Missouri (WWI)

BALDWIN / Briscoe Gerard--of VA (CIVIL WAR)

BASFORD/ John Wesley-- IL to OH (CIVIL WAR)

BERG / Irving Ingolf --Chicago to Elmhurst, IL ( WWII)

BYNUM / George Washington--of Chatam, NC to Corinth,MS (CIVIL WAR)

BYNUM/ Kenneth G.--buried in Redondo Beach, CA (KOREAN WAR)                                                               

CALLAHAN/ Isaiah Wells--of Denmark OH to Richmond, OH (CIVIL WAR)

CARTER / ROY --of OK to Denver,CO (WWII)

CASWELL / Lucien Beal --VT to Wisc. (CIVIL WAR)

CORNELIUS / Ephraim--of Indiana, USA (CIVIL WAR)

CROCKER / Marlon Henry--of Hickory, NC (WWI)

CROCKER / Matin M. --of Hickory, NC (WWII)

CURRY/ HUGH (Private in Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers)--of County Tyrone, N.IRELAND (WWI) 

DOOLITTLE / George Singleton--of Jackson,WV (CIVIL WAR)

ELLIS / Joseph --of Dalton, GA (CIVIL WAR)

GEORGE / James W. --of Iowa Volunteers, IA (CIVIL WAR)

GILL/ Francis Richard--of TN to KY (CIVIL WAR)

GRANT/ Charles Loring (the 1st)--of Bengal Twnshp, MI (War of 1812)

GRANT/ Charles Loring, SR.--of Mass. to Santa Fe, NM (CIVIL WAR)

GRANT/ Elihu (Cousin to Ulysses S. Grant)--of NY to MA (CIVIL WAR)

HAWKINS/ John Goodnight --of IL to OK (CIVIL WAR)

HERMAN/ James "RUSSELL"--of Chicago, IL (WWII)

KOSTER/ Charles Louis--of Indiana (WWII & Korean War)

LAZARUS/ Joseph Barnett--of London, ENGLAND (WWI)

McCALL/ Ira --of Wisconsin (CIVIL WAR)

NEWTON/ West - of Iowa (CIVIL WAR)

OLIVER/ Starke Hunter--of AL (CIVIL WAR)

RIMEL / Donald H.--of MO (WWII)


WEBB/ John M. --of NY to CA (CIVIL WAR)

WHITEHEAD/ Charles --of OH-to-CA (CIVIL WAR)



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