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Welcome to the SUBMIT (of text/documents/photos/audio/video, etc) page. All images must be in JPEG or GIF format (no larger than about 7x9 inches- REDUCE them, please, if they are as large as 8x10 inches-thanks). Audio files must be in MP3 format. Video files must be in FLV, MP4, or M4V format, or they will not display. This page is for those who simply WISH to Submit additional IMAGES to this site---IF INSTEAD you are trying to JOIN FOR FREE- by SUBMITTING 4 IMAGES for the 1yr FREE MEMBERSHIP---you must NOT USE THIS PAGE!!!!

Instead please click on "Join/Login" above. Then when the Join/Login page comes up---at Top, Left-you see the statement "Earn 1 Year Free Membership,click Here" so Click on THAT "statement"--and then it will bring up the APPROPRIATE 4 images uploader page for getting the 1yr Free!!-thanks!)

As to THIS PAGE----for general submissions of one image at a time---you MUST put as MUCH INFO into the NOTES Area of this Form as possible---names/dates/places/whom they married(if known); whom the parents are(again if known); whom (which line of "Smiths" they Descend From(if known);names of children or descendants or ancestors or any other info that is known--as it is the INFO that GIVES THE IMAGES "Meaning"!! Pictures w/OUT Info in the NOTES Area will be REJECTED!! Thanks so much-gumshoe!)

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